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Photograph Credit: Turnagin Arm of Cook Inlet. Credit: Photo by Douglas Causey.
2015 Arctic Science Conference

The 2015 Arctic Science Conference will be held October 1st—3rd in Anchorage, Alaska. The conference theme is Healthy Estuaries: Sustainability and Resilience.

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Conference Description

Healthy Estuaries: Sustainability and Resilience
As the eight Arctic nations become more prominent due to trade and commerce routes for the 21st century, the importance of near shore
zones and estuaries to Arctic and Subarctic populations is becoming more explicit. Of the world’s four most geographically vast nations,
three are found in the Circumpolar North. Resource development and associated infrastructure may impact the demands on ecosystem
services underscoring the necessity to observe, document, understand and respond to climate change.

Conference themes include traditional scientific disciplines, science education, arctic social sciences, biomedical research, and artistic interpretation of the evolving North.

All conference sessions are open to the public and the public is welcome to attend. The general admission fee for the public is $60 for the full conference, or $30 per day.

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Abstract Submissions

Abstracts for the 2015 Arctic Science Conference are now being accepted. Click here to submit an abstract.

The call for abstract submissions is due August 24th, 2015 at 5 p.m. Alaska time.

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Conference Schedule and Planned Sessions

All sessions will be held at the conference venue: Univeristy of Alaska Anchorage.

Thursday, October 1st

Time: Event Description:
4:30 pm

Registration and Poster Set Up
Rasmuson Hall First Floor Lobby

5:30 pm

Welcome and Plenary Session I
Rasmuson Hall Room 117

  • Anticipating the Paris Climate Agreement: Politics and Expectations at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
    Plenary Speaker: Alexios Antypas, Central European University Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy
6:50 pm

Poster Exhibit & Reception
Rasmuson Hall First Floor Lobby

8:00 pm Dinner on your own

Friday, October 2nd

Time: Event Description:
8:00 am Registration
Rasmuson Hall First Floor Lobby
9:00 am

Plenary Session II
Rasmuson Hall Room 117

  • Prediction, Precaution, and Policy Under Global Change
    Plenary Speaker: Daniel Schindler, University of Washington School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
10:00 am

Coffee Break

10:20 am - 12 pm

Session Chair: Doug Causey
Session Co-Chair: Todd Radenbaugh
Rasmuson Hall 117

  • Juvenile Nearshore Essential Fish Habitat and Adult Offshore Commercial Fisheries
    Douglas Limpinsel and Steve Barbeaux
  • Living with Nature:  Keeping our Water Clean
    Cindee Karns
  • Impacts of Solid-filled Causeways on Arctic Delta Morphology
    Garrett Yager and Thomas Ravens
  • Rapid Change along the Arctic Coast: A Review of Coastal Processes, Rates of Change, and Future Directions
    Lindsey Flagstad, Tina Boucher, Matthew Carlson, and Priscilla Lema
  • Planning for Relative Sea-level in South-central Alaska:  Are We Gaining Acres of Land or Washing Away?
    Angela Doroff, Steve Baird, Jeffrey Freymueller, Stacey Buckelew, and Megan Murphy
10:20 am - 12 pm

Conservation Cooperative-Large Landscape/Seascape Conservation
Session Chair: Karen Murphy
Rasmuson Hall 220

  • Using Collaborative Science to Improve Understanding and Inform Decision Making about Coastal Change in Western Alaska.
    Karen Murphy and Joel Reynolds
  • Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Landscape Stressors in Arctic Alaska
    E. Jamie Trammell, Matthew Carlson, and Monica McTeague
  • Water and Wildlife: Multidisciplinary Climate Science to Inform Resource Management
    Philip Martin
  • Remote Sensing in the Arctic Region
    Martin Cenek, Michael Mobley, and Matthew Devins
  • The Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands Landscape Conservation Cooperative: What's up with that?
    Douglas Burn and Aaron Poe
11:20 am - 12 pm

UARCTIC presentations followed by UARCTIC Meeting
Session Chair: Donna Anger
Session Co-Chair: Barbara Taylor
Rasmuson Hall 111

  • Networking Across the North for Students: The University of the Arctic BCS Example
    Lawrence Duffy
  • UArctic Education, Mobility and Partnership
    Donna Anger
12 - 1:30 pm

Lunch (On Your Own)

1:30 - 3:30 pm

Estuaries (Continued)
Session Chair: Doug Causey
Session Co-Chair:Todd Radenbaugh
Rasmuson Hall 101

  • There is more than Salmon: Research Needs for Bristol Bay Estuaries
    Todd Radenbaugh
  • Pond Salinity and Climate Change on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
    Jon S. Allen and Thomas M. Ravens
  • A Tale of Two Estuaries: Juvenile Salmon Rearing in Glacial and Snowmelt Supported Estuaries in South Central Alaska
    Coowe Walker, Tammy Hoem-Neher, Amanda Rosenberger, Christian Zimmerman, Steven Baird, and CharlesSimenstad
  • Storm surge modeling in Norton Sound
    Kristin Reardon and Thomas Ravens
  • Why the Little Fish Matter: The Arctic Coastal Ecosystem Survey
    Liz McKenzie
1:30 - 2:10 pm Conservation Cooperative-Large Landscape/Seascape Conservation (Continued)
Session Chair: Karen Murphy
Rasmuson Hall 220

  • Promoting Coastal Resilience and Adaptation in Western Alaska
    Aaron Poe, Karen Pletnikoff, and Heather Stewart
  • Discussion session
1:30 - 3:30 pm

The Northern Environment and the Arts
Session Chair: Annie Duffy
Rasmuson Hall 111

  • Polar Lab: Giving the North a Voice
    Julie Decker
  • The Arts and Rural Alaskan Community Landscapes
    Shannon Daut and Saunders McNeil
  • Practicing Sustainable Art in the Arctic: Two Case Studies
    Herminia Din
  • Alternative Photographic Processes Encompassing Cultural Alaskan Substrates
    Alyssa Enriquez
  • Perspectives: Examining Complex Ecological Dynamics through Arts, Humanities and Science Integration. A NSF Arts, Humanities, and Science Workshop Summary
    Annie Duffy
2:30 - 3:30 pm

Session Chair: Amy Schacter
Rasmuson Hall 220

  • Santa Clara University SENCER States - Expanding the (Net)Work
    Amy Shachter, Larry Duffy, Todd Radenbaugh, Lisa Hoferkemp, and Steve Bachofer                                 
  • What should an Undergraduate Course on Climate Change Look Like in Western Alaska?
    Todd Radenbaugh
  • Engaging Alaska Native People in Science - Experiences, Successes and Difficulties
    Claudia Ihl
  • Rural Alaska Community Environmental Job Training Program, RACEJTA New Occupational Endorsement with UAF, Bristol Bay Campus
    April McCoy, Lynn Zender, and Todd Radenbaugh
3:30 pm Friday Evening (On Your Own)
Recommended: First Friday activities in downtown Anchorage
including Anchorage Museum Polar Lab and First Friday Activities

Saturday, October 3rd

Time: Event Description:
8 am

Rasmuson Hall First Floor Lobby

9 am

Plenary Session III
Rasmuson Hall Room 110

  • The Potential Impact of Loss of Sea Ice on Alaska’s Subarctic and Arctic Large Marine Ecosystems
    Plenary Speaker: Edward V Farley, Jr., Alaska Fisheries Science Center
9:30 am Coffee Break
10 am

Arctic Social Science, Policy and Culture
Session Chair: Diane Hirshberg
Rasmuson Hall 110

  • Mining in the Arctic: A Social License Perspective
    Jennifer Schmidt
  • Mining and Sustainable Communities: A Case Study of the Red Dog Mine
    Robert Loeffler
  • Indigenous Place Name Research for the Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline Project
    Monty Rogers, Jake Anders, Peter Schnurr, Paul Lawrence and Stephen Braund
  • Fate Control and Human Rights: Land, Governance and Wellbeing in America’s Arctic
    Mara Kimmel
  • Harvest and Land Use in the Arctic: What is the Role of Governance and Socio-Economic Conditions?
    Jennifer Schmidt, Vera Hausner, Dorothee Ehrich, and Douglas Clark
  • Applying Hofstedes Cultural Dimensions Framework to Evaluation of Alaska Native Entrepreneurial Culture
    Iuliia Chepurko
10 am

Southwest Salmon Habitat
Session Chair: Tim Troll
Rasmuson Hall 220

  • Implementing a Bristol Bay Regional Water Temperature Monitoring Network
    Sue Mauger and Tim Troll
  • Southwest Alaska Salmon Habitat Partnership - The First Five Years.
    Tim Troll, Carol Ann Woody, Daniel Bogan, Christine Woll, Sue Flensburg, and Matt Nameth
  • Understanding Complex Dynamics of Alaska Salmon Fisheries with an Agent-Based Model
    Maxwell Franklin and Martin Cenek
  • Protection of Fish Habitat in the Mulchatna and Stuyahok Rivers
    Joe Klein and Tim Troll
  • Panel discussion
12-1:30 pm Lunch (On Your Own)
1:30 pm

Arctic Social Science, Policy and Culture (Continued)
Session Chair: Diane Hirshberg
Rasmuson Hall 101

  • Climate Change: Blind Eye Decision-Making and Catastrophic Outcomes
    Sheila Selkregg
  • Climate Change and Transformations of Sugpiaq (Alutiiq) Subsistence in the Outer Kenai Fjords region (Southcental Alaska) during the LIA and Anthropocene Periods
    David Yesner and Aron Crowell
  • Perceptions of Climate Change Risk to Native Subsistence Hunters, Fishers, and Gatherers in Savoonga and Shaktoolik, Alaska
    Jon Rosales and Jessica Chapman
  • Social Workers: Critical Partners in the Response to Climate Change
    Mary Dallas Allen
  • Participatory Health Research in the Arctic; Principles, Challenges and Opportunities
    Rhonda Johnson, Cindy Jardine, Beth Rink, and Michelle Driedger
  • Navigating Tension Between Funders’ Expectations for Rigorous Research and Tribal Health System Values
    Corrie Whitmore

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Online Registration

Online registration will be available startingAugust 1, 2015. The early registration deadline is September 10th, 2015.

The early registration fee is $150 for the full conference or $90 per day. There are also two discounted options for undergraduate students and members of the general public.

If you are interested in a singled day options, please use the drop down menu to specify which day you plan on attending. Please refer to the conference session schedule above for those considering registering for one or two days.

Conference Registration Options

Please select your conference registration option using the PayPal purchase system. Conference registration fees will appear on your statement under the "AAASARCTICD" merchant name.

Full Conference Registration

General Public Registration

Undergraduate Student Registration

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Contact Information

For more information about the 2015 Arctic Science Conference please contact please contact Mary van Muelken at mavanmuelken@alaska.edu.

For more information about the AAAS Arctic Division and division activities contact Larry Duffy, Executive Director of the AAAS Arctic Division at lkduffy@alaska.edu or 907-474-7525.

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